The Fertility and Birth (FAB) Network™

Fertility and Birth offers a wide range of services, information and support for women from pre-conception, throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. This enables women access to a wide range of skills in one place.

We provide a single point of access to a comprehensive range of therapists, healers and counsellors to nurture and empower women through each stage of their fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey. This includes emotional support, physical healing, practical advice and information, and help with planning and preparing.

Fertility and Birth also campaign for improvements to services and support for birthing women and their babies.

Our motto is ‘to promote Choice, Confidence and Control’

Choice: Information on a wide range of services and support so you are aware of all of your choices from the mainstream to the complementary or alternative.

Confidence: with the right information at the right time you will feel confident and able to make informed decisions for your wellbeing.

Control: Whatever choices you make you can feel informed, happy and in control.

Fertility and Birth aims to share knowledge while informing and empowering women regardless of their geographical location.

We also support campaigns regionally, nationally & internationally. See our News page for details of campaigns we are currently supporting.

Please have a look & see what we can offer you or please feel free to contact us on with any queries at all

The FAB Team X